Al Ain City Tour

Al-Ain city tour from Abu Dhabi is a wonderful tour to the most the traditional cities in UAE. The desert life of UAE is clearly depicted in this place where we can find a series of Oasis and it proves that this place was a glorious cultural center in the past and the most inhabited place like any other civilizations of the world.

When you visit Al- Jahili fort and Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum you will feel that the trip was really essential because you see the camel race track and live stock market which proves the wealth of the city. In this trading center, which was in practice during the 18th century, we can find date Palms, Grooves with the ancient falaj irrigation system. And you can also have a glance to the usual bargaining in the camel market, a common sight in any trading center. We can also have a visit to the greatest mountain peak Jabel Hafet and have a remarkable view of the beauty around the place. The Geyser which provides the healthy and healing water sprouting up and watering the surrounding place is a beautiful sight. It is a natural hot spring place where we can find the flora and fauna around the spring.

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