Liwa Full Day Safari

Liwa Oasis is about 97.6 km south of the Persian Gulf coast and 150 km SSW of the city of Abu Dhabi in the Al Gharbia (Western) Region, on the northern edge of Rub' al Khali desert. It is centered around 23°08′N 53°46′E and stretches about 100 km east-west, along an arch curved to the north. It consists of some 50 villages. The geographic and economic center of the oasis is Muzayri`, where the highway from Abu Dhabi enters the oasis and then divides to the east (65 km to the easternmost village, Mahdar Bin `Usayyan) and west (45 km to the westernmost village, `Aradah).

The liwa full day safari is really a memorable experience since you are nearer to an oasis in the desert. You are watching an oasis, Date palms, water pools, and the flora and fauna, surrounding the oasis. Your full day stay in this particular area of abudhabi will give you a different and thrilling experience. You will be picked up from your location in private 4X4 Land cruiser. And drive you to the amazing dunes of Rub' al Khali desert also known as the Empty Quarter. You can have all the enjoyments that can be got in a desert safari tour. You can start in the morning and the tour ends in the evening. In between you can watch the changes of the desert sand changing its color from Golden to the red and then to the dark shades of the twilight. Contact us for desert safari abu dhabi.

  • Timings: 10 Hour Duration (08:00 AM – 06:00 PM)
  • Pick up/ Drop Off Location: From Your Home/Hotel anywhere in Abu Dhabi City.

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